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At East Maitland Accounting Services, we understand the importance of preparing management reports and accounts that provide accurate and timely financial and statistical information, so managers can make day-to-day decisions. Bookkeeping is vital, whether you are a small business, or an established corporation. With bookkeeping being one of the most critical, yet time consuming component of a business – it is important to have confidence on your side. The team at East Maitland Accounting Services have expert bookkeepers and accountants ready to help with your financial records and reports. Management Accounting & Reporting The East Maitland Accounting Services team can assist you with all of your accounting requirements, including creditors & debtors reports, BAS & IAS statement preparation, fixed asset register, reports of balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow, and actual vs budget reports.

Payroll & Support

Payroll tax is a self-assessed, general purpose state and territory tax assessed on wages paid or payable by an employer to its employees, when the wage bill of an employer (or group of employers) exceeds the given threshold amount. Payroll is one of the fundamental functions of any organisation. At a basic level, Payroll ensures that all employees receive their wages. In practice, the payroll function extends to a fairly wide range of administrative and labour issues. The East Maitland Accounting team can provide Payroll support and advice.

Accounts Payable & Receivable 

East Maitland Accounting Services can assist with the reconciliation of supplier statements, coding and data entry of supplier statements, the creation and issuing of invoices, and assisting with a creditors procedure.

POS Retail Systems

A retail point of sale system is more than the cash register and barcode scanner. It contains inventory information, sales statistics, employee details and integrates with your accounting software. There are many POS systems available and East Maitland Accounting Services can help you choose which will best suit your needs and accounting software.

External Financial Controlling Advice

We provide advice on financial statements and other financial information distributed to people outside of a company. Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of a business. It involves recording, analysing and interpreting the financial transactions of a business or individual. Bookkeeping itself accounts for a large proportion of the accounting process and at East Maitland Accounting Services, our experienced Bookkeepers will help keep your paperwork in order. A bookkeeper’s duty is to set up financial statements so that an accountant can easily perform legal and tax management in a timely manner. A skilled and compliant bookkeeper should be able to produce financial records that give business accurate information about its financial activities.

The future success of any business relies heavily on these records, not only because they are a necessary part of the business but they are also required by law. Australian legislation states that businesses must have up to date financial records to ensure that they pay all necessary taxes and levies.

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